Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Google TV Browser?

Google is slowly finding a way to deliver content to the TV, with an Internet connected TV, or "smart TV".

Folks who want their Internet and their TV too may want to note a new partnership between Internet titan Google and Matsushita's Panasonic business unit.
Google TV
The two companies plan to bring the Panasonic Viera PZ850 plasma television(a shame it's plasma) to market in the second quarter of 2008, with the capability to directly access YouTube and video-sharing site Picasa without an intervening PC or media server.

1. Will these videos be in high def?
2. Will YouTube be forced to upgrade their platform?

This is the first time mainstream consumers will be able to easily enjoy YouTube videos from the living room with the enhanced quality of a fully integrated widescreen TV experience.

What other sites or services does Google own (or should purchase) would you like to experience on your high definition TV?

What applications would I rather see on a big screen, or would allow me to view with others?
Some I think Google should introduce or buy.

Google Earth with radar (Weather Channel)
A video conferencing/web cam service.
Online movie rental service.
A handful of high traffic sites that I would rather check via TV than PC.

Will your TV remote soon be replaced with a keyboard and a mouse?

What would you like Google to offer through a TV?


Dean Collins said...

Hi Scott,

The problem with the whole concept of the current internet enabled TV proposed offerings (as I discussed in another forum here is that the hardware manafacturers/vendors ‘own’ the physical relationship which far outweighs anything that YouTube can bring to the table.

lol - the same mistake Akimbo made in selling themselves short to Microsoft media center platform (but thats a discussion for another day) is that hardware vendors sell themselves short for content when the ownership of the physical space in a customers home is far more key.

Dean Collins

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