Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Graphic Packaging's Snap2C Connects Products To Internet Using Mobile Codes

This is great to see, another corporation realizing that packaging can be turned into a physical world hyperlink. That means, a machine readable identifier (bar code, image, RFID tag) on the outside when scanned with a mobile phone, can "connect" that item to the Internet...and "turn it on".

Brands will soon be able to interact with a consumer through the Net, using a physical object and mobile phone. Personal and dynamic advertising.

As more consumer goods are printed with mobile bar codes, the quicker Physical World Connection occurs.
mobile bar code
Graphic Packaging Corporation today announced the launch of its Snap2C portfolio of paperboard package enhancements that innovatively integrate the promotional effectiveness of package billboards with mobile technology.

Using camera-equipped cell phones and interactive mobile technology, shoppers can scan on-pack graphics and codes to immediately access in-store promotions as well as download songs, videos, ring tones or special movie previews.

Consumers can also participate in sweepstakes entries, loyalty program points, product surveys, event marketing, or get answers to product questions via this new form of mobile marketing.

According to Charles Brignac, marketing manager of retail packaging solutions at Graphic Packaging, "using Snap2C enhancements on product packaging creates a breakthrough in delivering promotional messages directly to consumers."

DuPont, the largest consumer good packaging company in the world, is also developing the 21st Century Barcode

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