Thursday, January 24, 2008

Realeyes3D Clears 1D Bar Code Scanning Obstacles...Physical World Connection Game Changer

Realeyes3D, a pioneer in mobile imaging applications and services for camera phones, and a trusted player in mobile document scanning with the award-winning Qipit service, today announced that it has "cracked" a key mobile commerce challenge:

Making 1D bar codes readable with about any camera phone.
Billions of products can now be linked to the Internet simply by scanning the 1d bar code on the packaging.

Realeyes3D's invention leapfrogs the main blocking point for reading a 1D bar code from a mobile photo: the blur of the bar code lines. (try taking a picture of a bar code with your camera phone).

Brands can now "turn on" any good by assigning a URL (website) to a barcode. When the consumer scans the bar code with his camera phone, the mobile phone browser will connect to the designated website.

The question is long before Google buys this application so they can add the billions of bar codes to their database and offer advertising?

RealEyes3D's "one-click" 1D bar code deblurring technology, currently in pilot testing phase with major wireless carriers, relies on a breakthrough proprietary image processing technology that restores 1D bar code images shot from a camera phone, and enables them to be read with virtually any camera phone model available in the market.

This might speed up Physical World Connection a bit.

Should we wait for a 2d mobile bar code standard, or would reading a 1d code work?

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