Thursday, May 24, 2007

Google Mobile Patent Shows A True Mobile Portal

Not really a surprise, but Google has plans and patents around a very comprehensive mobile info, or mobile "find" portal.

Russell Shaw at ZDNet uncovers one of Google's patents covering mobile search. Great find Russell.

Search for a restaurant via portal, and then dial from one click, get a map, or use Google GPS for direction. Keywords, maps, GPS coordinates, use same results in a different location (mobile favorites)

It appears Google covers mobile search using a keyboard, voice and GPS coordinates to identify and direct a mobile user to relevant query. Your "find" query stays in a "loop" and Google is there to offer additional services, providing a true mobile portal.

The abstract:

A computer-implemented method is disclosed that includes receiving on a mobile device a search query associated with a geographic location, providing one or more search results in response to the search query, the search results each being associated with a geographic location, and presenting on a graphical display of the computing device icons corresponding to each search result and also corresponding to a key on the computing device.

Google Mobile Patent

To see Russell's very extensive review on this patent.


Unknown said...


Nice post. We've been doing local mobile search via GPS etc for nearly a year now.

Also we've introduced something Google doesn't have - contextual menus in the browser. Check out our home page and look carefully at the images on the home page. The browsers menu now changes based on your context. It's one click navigation in the browser

No Name said...


A link to 5o9 Inc