Tuesday, May 15, 2007

AOL Could Be AOK With Third Screen Media Acquisition

AOL is sitting on a gold mine , let's hope Third Screen taps into it.

With Third Screen's help, AOL can be AOK, not DOA

AOL Acquires Third Screen Media

AOL announced today that it has acquired Third Screen Media, the leading mobile advertising network and mobile ad-serving and management platform provider. Third Screen Media will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of AOL’s Advertising.com division.

Dozens of leading brand advertisers, more than a hundred mobile Web publishers, and major wireless carriers participate in the Third Screen Media network.

Here's what Third Screen and AOL should do:

AOL Could dominate mobile search and mobile advertising with their mobile "buddy list" and Find Me application.

By sending an instant message to a special username of AOL, can’t you let them resolve the query? Instead of sending an IM to an AOL member, you’re sending an SMS/search query to an AOL server requesting/doing a search. Instead of typing in 46645 (GOOGL) or 44636 (4INFO), AOL has created the short code for you with a special username.

Let AOL label this username as MOBLSRCH or TOOL, FIND (any word that is easy to remember) in our buddy list. AOL could automatically add this name when you download or reboot. AOL establishes an easy way to start a mobile search when you IM MOBLSRCH TOOL FIND.

The “Find Me” buddy application is the GPS function, and the buddy list with MOBLSRCH creates the search window. They already have their own mobile search application on 20 million plus cell phones. Will they capitalize on this?

Could AOL become a mobile marketing player?

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Anonymous said...

Huge fan of 4INFO's service. I'm addicted to their celebrity gossip alerts which I get 3 times a day. It's a good break from my work. Just text "celeb" to 44636 and you'll see what I'm talking about. Love it!!