Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft's Surface Has Deep Ramifications For Physical World Connection

"Effortless interaction with all forms of digital content through physical objects"..A great way to describe Physical World Connection.

Physical World Connection doesn't have to use a mobile phone, it just has to connect a physical object to the Internet using a physical world hyperlink.

Microsoft's Surface allows physical objects, with barcodes (and I would expect RFID tags soon) to be scanned when placed on this interactive table. Beneath the screen there are five cameras that use Microsoft's object-recognition software.Microsoft Surface

Until camera phones are able to read 1D codes (barcodes), this could be a great start for Physical World Connection.

Would Microsoft ever offer Surface kiosks? If so, where should they put them? Colleges, malls, retail stores, sporting events?

TMobile is placing them in stores and letting customers get information on new phones, download ringtones and games. In Harrah's (casinos), users can place their reward card on screen and make purchases.

Microsoft launches new product category, Surface Computing

Surface turns an ordinary tabletop into a vibrant, dynamic surface that provides effortless interaction with all Microsoft Surfaceforms of digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects. Beginning at the end of this year, consumers will be able to interact with Surface in hotels, retail establishments, restaurants and public entertainment venues.

The intuitive user interface works without a traditional mouse or keyboard.

Surface also features the ability to recognize physical objects that have identification tags similar to bar codes. This means that when a customer simply sets a wine glass on the surface of a table, a restaurant could provide them with information about the wine they’re ordering, pictures of the vineyard it came from and suggested food pairings tailored to that evening’s menu.

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