Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Could Apple Trigger The Cloud Computing Boom?

cloud computing
A major transformation took place when computing power moved from the PC/phone to the Internet.

The PC used to be the device that did the work and used the Net to deliver it. Now, the PC, iPod, cellphone are merely connection devices and the Net does the "work".

An example. Your home phone probably has a built in answering machine which jacked up the price for your phone. When the power goes out, so does the time and your recorded message. Your local phone company offers voicemail as a service option. For x amount a month they record and store your messages. Your phone no longer does the "work", your local phone company's server does.

This transformation is called "cloud computing" and it has disrupted the personal computing industry.

Consumers are maxing out their iPods and other digital devices. The next place to store their stuff is in the cloud.

I said a while back that Apple is sitting on a goldmine with iTunes.

iTunes could be a mobile commerce platform

Apple could introduce and iTunes browser.

iTunes represents a killer platform, it's only fitting that they lead the way to consumer cloud computing.

From C/Net Apple to store video in the cloud

By cramming digital songs, videos, and all manner of software applications on computers and handheld devices, there's some indication that consumers are maxing out hard drives, particularly on smaller mobile devices. That has led to speculation among Apple watchers that some consumers might slow their purchasing of new content, if they have nowhere to easily put it.

Now imagine being able to access ALL of your digital content from ANY device, regardless of your location? That is what Apple wants to do. Think of one password protected site that allows you to retrieve and play ANY of your digital content on ANY device....that is iTunes cloud computing.

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