Friday, December 10, 2004

All Together Now.

Yeah "Me Too!". Yahoo, MSN, Google, Ask Jeeves will/or all have desktop search soon. More players fighting it out in 1 dimension. That pie is only so big guys. Think a lil outside the box. Be creative, instead of like everyone else.

From USA Today Yahoo turns to startup to expand into desktop search.

SAN FRANCISCO — Yahoo is adding a tool to search computer hard drives as it scrambles to catch up with Google and stay a step ahead of Microsoft in the battle to help users sort through gobs of information on the Internet and the desktop.

The rush to develop better technology for scouring computer hard drives reflects a belief that desktop search is an increasingly important complement to online search engines, where advertising has become a major moneymaker.

When will advertisers realize you there are more cellphone screens than PC's and decide this merits attention?

Yahoo had been widely expected to take this step since Google introduced a hard-drive search tool nearly two months ago. Microsoft's MSN service hopes to introduce a similar product before year's end and Ask Jeeves Inc., which runs several online search engines, plans to unveil its desktop offering next Wednesday.

"It's kind of like looking for information that you know exists and looking for information that you think might exist somewhere out there," said X1 president Josh Jacobs.

The ultimate vision is to create a dashboard to help people manage their digital lives," said Weiner.

Well shouldnt a fuel guage be on your dashboard?

Because advertisers might want to know that they're running out of it, by staying in the electronic world for advertising.

My digital life includes more than my dekstop.

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