Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Now If My Phone Could Just Print $20's...

Frmo Revolution Magazine. Lloyds unveils text service to help customers keep track.

LONDON - Lloyds TSB internet Banking has launched a free mobile phone text alert service allowing personal and business banking customers to keep track of their finances.

Customers can access their current account balance and a list of the last six transactions direct to their mobile phone.

Lloyds TSB is also offering a text service to business customers.

Customers can sign up for the text service after registering with Lloyds TSB's internet banking service.

Theres your permission marketing.

Matthew Timms, Lloyds TSB internet director said: "Forty million people in the UK own a mobile phone and well over 2bn text messages are sent every month in the UK." He added: "This new free text alert service will allow customers to get hold of the information they need, wherever and whenever they want it."

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