Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Future Of Search Isnt Search

I never really wanted to put an entire post of just my thoughts but Peter at Search Engine Blog found it of interest.

The future of search isnt search

Well, not as we know it.

I've been having an ongoing discussion with searchengineblog reader, Scott Shaffer, about the future of search when it comes to mobile devices. Scott is of the opinion that search will change dramaticly.

Imagine seeing a poster which is advertising a concert, scanning the barcode, and ordering tickets right then and there. Or picking up a DVD, saying a name, and being directly connected with a price comparison service. The offline world becomes directly connected with the online world. Will mobile users want to type in a keyword and browse through thousands of results, or prefer to scan a barcode, or word, or simply speak and be directly connected with the trademark owner?

Scott wrote me some stuff. Food for thought.

Thanks Peter for listening.

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