Friday, December 10, 2004

Maybe Its Maybelline...

It figures these guys (oops maybe ladies) would think of this first. Who didnt sing their lil jingle when they read the title of this post?..come on I know ya did.

See it's not just making a product brandworthy but keeping it too. Maybelline gets it.

From Adverblog.

Cosmetics brand Maybelline New York has launched a mobile-based campaign to distribute discount coupons in The Netherlands. Emerce (in Dutch) explains the initiative is supported by online banners where users can find the number to text their request to in order to get a 2€ discount on Maybelline NY's products.
New media agency Clockwork and sms technology provider HotSms worked on the campaign.

To see what it looks like Maybelline.

They are getting consumers permission to market them via cell phone with this promotion.

Hmm, do they have to pay Google for a keyword or Tm for this?

They didnt even have to use a search engine to get direct connection with a consumer.

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