Wednesday, December 01, 2004

First Overture, now Google..could the lil lizard be that intimidating?

From Marketing VOX news Google Settles Keyword Case with Overture

MediaPost reports that Geico settled its copyright suit with Overture, leaving Google as the main defendant in the suit that will help determine whether or not search engines will be allowed to target ads based on brand name keyword searches.

Do a Google search for Geico here today and see how Google has already changed.

Big big development in search world today...anybody know Google's metrics for ppc and keywords?

To get an idea of the floodgates that just opened, click here

Anyone want to bet when Pfizer goes after their cut w/ the "lil blue pill"?
Looks like it already started


Scott Shaffer said...

I guess Geico doesnt even consider the traffic MSN creates a threat and didnt pursue a case against them.

Anonymous said...

Google has deleted sponsor links from many sites.Their policy of "any keyword can be sold" appeares disrupted.
The sponsor links were revenue driven to GOOGLE. Will this change of policy re settlement with Overture and potentially Geico change the top and bottom line revenue flow to Google? Seems like somethings got to give.