Thursday, December 30, 2004

Officer Barbrady Goes High Tech

From IndUSBusiness Journal Infokall helps police access license info,issue driving citations- all at car's side.

The New Orleans Police Department has purchased a product from Infokall Inc., a Santa Ana, Calif.-based company founded by Vishnu Choudhary, which will allow its officers to become among the first in the country who can issue citations from hand-held devices without leaving a car's side

At a cost of $500,000, the New Orleans installed hand-held devices on its 55 police motorcycles. The second phase of the project will install the devices in the city's 840 patrol cars.

Infokall's wireless application connects to these databases allowing the officer to take a license, swipe it through a hand-held computer and initiate a check on that person.

The hand-held device includes a bar code reader, which also enables the officer to scan the vehicle identification number of the car to check if the vehicle or the license plate were stolen.

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