Monday, December 06, 2004

Look Ma, No Hands!

Interview w/ Voice Signal

Voice recognition is clearly becoming an important technology in the mobile market place, how is the business looking to VoiceSignal?
What we are finding interesting is that this technology has got the operators excited because it can allow users to easily access services. Voice commands allow the menu to be flattened, taking a user to a point in the menu with a single utterance. Our technology can not only access phone functions like "open messaging" or "go to tools" it can also go to embedded links, taking the user to operator services. We were talking with a major US operator recently and they have hundreds of portals but the usage is really low. Research shows that one of the key reasons for this is that it takes many clicks to access these service and estimates are that the operator loses 15% of the users with every click. So after say 10 clicks you don't have many users left who actually access the service. Now if they have the ability to say, "go to ring tones" or "go to stock quotes" they don't even have to touch the phone and they are at the service.

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