Wednesday, December 08, 2004

See Spot Run..Or At Least Talk

Great idea.. but how will they get the cell phone numbers and permission to market to the cell phone user. This is a touchy one guys. Permission is earned, not assumed.
Going to be even harder now with this.

There will be a creative way to get the mobile users permission to market, but not by this.

Interspot Launches Mobile Advertising Opportunity

BOSTON, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Interspot, a customized mobile applications developer, focused on creating emerging media solutions for the mobile/iTV market, today announced the release of a new product named InterSMS.

InterSMS is a user-friendly mobile communications technology that allows you to create your own SMS Mobile Marketing Campaign or communicate via Text Messaging instantly. Within minutes users are able to send text messages to anyone with a wireless phone or device or from a personal computer.

SMS messaging has proliferated the marketplace in the United States where it has become the most widely available and widely used mobile application. The US is second to China with 165 million mobile consumers and 2.5 billion text messages, also known as "SMS Messages." The market is expected to reach $5 billion (USD) by the end of 2005.

"With the introduction of InterSMS we are thrilled to be empowering companies of all sizes to harness the power of mobile marketing and communications and capture some of the billions of dollars of revenue that the market will produce in the coming years. Short codes and Premium SMS 2 way messages will soon be part of every marketing director's vocabulary," said T. Barclay Layman, Founder and CEO. InterSMS for Outlook combines the simplicity of SMS messaging with the world's most popular e-mail client. As a plug-in component, InterSMS makes the sending of an SMS as easy as sending an e-mail. Messages can include customized advertiser sponsorship that is designed to be opt-in and spam-free.

We truly believe that Interspot is on track to become the next Hotmail of the SMS text messaging world in the US," says John Lauer, a founder at Simplewire, an aggregator of SMS services in the United States.

Additional advertising modules under development by Interspot Modules include mobile coupons, banner ads, voting, barcodes, content management, quizzes and chat

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Anonymous said...

Actually, if you download the application which takes just a few minutes the program installs and you can send and receive free SMS... very cool...