Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Cell Phone Hooks Up with The Radio

Did Dr. Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cellphone, see this coming?

From Revolution Magazine Mobile looks set to be the enteratinment channel

Thanks to the mobile phone recording artists like Beyonce are more accessible to consumers than ever before. Music fans long to listen to music whenever and wherever they want to and, although the mobile music industry is still in its infancy, the startling and wonderful effect on telecommunications providers and record labels – and ultimately, the consumer – is already becoming clear. The recent launch of the Vodafone live! 3G strategy, which Musiwave is involved in, highlights this.

Originally, the mobile was a simple communications device. However, with advancements in technology, more and more people have started using their mobiles as an entertainment platform. Bandwidth, (with 3G) storage (with smart cards now storing gigabytes) and battery life are becoming problems of the past. For example, who would have expected that we would be using our mobile phones as cameras? In this light, the idea of the mobile as an entertainment platform is simply a natural evolution.

As for the “PC vs. mobile phone” platform debate, Apple’s iPod has already challenged traditional notions of music use and consumption. The mobile only takes this to its natural conclusion, as it inherently possesses the many advantages that will make it the ultimate entertainment platform. The established routine of carrying one’s phone everywhere allows for the mobile to serve as a simpler and much more attractive system than downloading songs from a PC. But there are numerous other reasons that mobile emerge victorious.

First, mobiles are ubiquitous, and easy to use.

Second, mobiles allow a transparent, secure and easy billing system, as every song downloaded appears on the consumer’s mobile phone bill.

Third, the mobile phone allows for impulse purchasing and viral marketing: radio listeners can identify and buy a song by simply holding their mobile up to a radio playing their desired song.

Additionally, they can forward on clip of the song to their friends to recommend a purchase as well. This is one-to-one marketing at its best.

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