Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hey Google, Heres Your Next Space To Dominate..MicroSoft Are You Paying Attention?

Search is the golden goose for advertising on the PC, but will it be GOOG or MSFT that sees how to do it on the mobile?

From ZDNet Ads on your mobile: Believe it or not, you may welcome them

Until now Australians have been exempt from receiving the barrage of advertising that infects every other aspect of modern life on their mobile phone. That will soon change, but the good news is you may welcome the ads.
This is a form of Permission Marketing

Many people find the concept of actually asking to be advertised to hard to believe -- why would someone willingly seek out an ad for its own sake? The answer comes from the advertising industry, which wants you to look at its ads, and is concerned about the new m-generation which has shown an increasing tendency to avoid or ignore anything it does not want to deal with.

This generation communicates mostly via mobile phone, so the advertising industry is in the early stages of exploring the new medium -- sometimes referred to as the "third screen" behind your computer and television screen.

There are now more mobile devices with internet access than PC's.

However, mobiles are highly customisable, and in order to get an ad to the mobile screen advertisers have to convince the user that the ad is not only worth watching, it is worth going to the effort of downloading and watching - ads need to improve dramatically in style and substance.

For example, ads for major retailers could include discounts at their stores, or ads for films or musicians could come in the form of special trailers that would be sought out by fans and potential consumers.

One system being looked at plans to take advantage of a new service known as 'video shortcuts'.It allows 3G mobile users to dial a shortcode, opt for a video call and receive streamed video content to their mobiles.

The good news for the consumer is they won't receive the ad unless they actively type in the shortcode.

Now what will the catalyst be to get people to type or scan the code?

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Knowing I will get specific notices I am interested im
YES permission granted