Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How Do Carriers Increase Mobile Internet Usage

All About Mobile has a suggestion and proof on how to increase mobile internet usage.

Couldn't that be different if handset manufacturers and telecoms would push now for integrated QR Code readers like in Japan - which increased by factor 3 the mobile internet usage in Japan in 2005?

I agree. Physical world connection (PWC) will play a big role in increasing Avg Rev Per User (ARPU)

The PWC will get adopted much quicker when there's either a "universal" 2d code (Google could do this), or PWC players make their code distinguishable, like ConnexTo has done.


Anonymous said...

Getting a universal reader (or interface) deployed to the current population of camera cell phones would do more to help PWC gain earlier and faster traction than anything else I would think. Migration to the increasing % of 3G handsets comes later through device pre-loading either by handset OEM's or carriers. Forget the unique symbology/unique reader application downloads like ShotCode or mCode or 'whatever' code because that's TOO hard for the typical everyday user (at least right now) to accomplish seamlessly. And you'll lose them if that's the case. Whoever can bring together the interested parties, meaning handset manufacturers, carriers and some large, interested brands that would be placing new, interactive symbology on physical world objects is more likely to get the nod than anyone else in creating a 'standard' from which all stakeholders will eventually benefit. That's just how I see it.

Anonymous said...

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