Monday, October 23, 2006

Tag Mobile Services Follow Up

I discussed this physical world connection application recently , but we are getting more details about the campaign.

Who's platform is being used? I can tell you that this company received a tremendous about of press for their ability to scan a barcode for price comparison in the States. They are on the list

From HIP sets up corporate blog network

Gabot said HIP recently introduced a technology called tag mobile service (TMS), which is a modified type of bar code that will be printed on their magazines. This modified barcode allows people armed with phone cameras to scan these printed codes and link to content found on a mobile website called WAP (wireless access protocol) or the Internet

Adel Gabot, group editor at HIP, said the "print as a medium" is in transition. Thus HIP is working on integrating their specialized magazines with an online counterpart. "Both mediums will feed on each other," he added.

The key sentence.

"We think TMS will be the killer application for 3G (third generation mobile services)," he added.

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