Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Physical World Connection Commerce?

This is a very exciting idea that uses physical world hyperlinks (PWH). Instead of just linking a 2d code to the Internet, this platform enables a number of other revenue producing functions for the carrier and the brand. PWH will be used for more than just advertising.

The focus has been on scanning a barcode and linkingto the Net, but what if 2d codes could be used for mobile commerce?

I see a PayPal licensing this platform for a "PayClick" service.

I have been saying that if the PWC cos "open up" their codes and let users decide the connection path and function, the quicker physical world connection gets adopted.

We have been informed that Jan Benes has developed and patented a system similar in design and function to Shotcode, that also allows to charge mobile users through special rated short text messages.

It uses today's technologies and services provided by mobile operators, so no special hardware or agreements with operators are necessary.

This system has many possible uses, because the provider can charge mobile users
for using the code.

In product marketing, mobile users can participate in contests, receive/purchase digital media as video or music directly on their phone, buy customer loyalty points etc. In showbusiness, it is possible to purchase media, movie premiere trailers, music samples by shooting posters.

Jan's system also allows to authorize mobile users, example is paid access to wifi networks at airports. On top of that by shooting the code it is possible to pay in public transportation, pay for postage or retrieve postage status.

He has patended the solution of connecting this code and sending payment and has the exclusive option to register patent anywhere else in the world.

Can you see how a PayPal or Visa could license this? I can see one of the ecommerce companies adopting this quickly.

Here's an idea. PayPal licenses this platform and to get users to download the software to the phone they offer x number of dollars off every purchase when you use "PayClick". Start by depositing a small amount in a user's PP account when they download the application.

Jan Benes is currently looking for partner to help with faster development of commercial applications and content provision systems, so feel free to contact him at


Anonymous said...

What about using this code to buy virtual equivalent of real item in Second Life?

Anonymous said...

Scott you need to do a bit more digging before just reporting what folks tell you.

This guy does not have a patent on this. Take a look at his website. He just started working on this a few months ago. His web site is showing that he is looking for a job not that he has any experience in code reading or mobile commerce or that this actually works.

Jan Benes said...

The patent number here in the Czech Republic is PUV2006-17853 and as patentee I have exclusive option to register patent in other countries as well. I can of course prove it by documents. And ac president of the company I am always looking for work and more clients :-)