Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MyThum And Artisan Live Reach Consumers Anywhere They Buy

The cell phone is the next medium advertisers are targeting. MyThum is combining signage with text messaging to reach consumers effectively.

From NewsWire Reaching conusmers anywhere they buy

The number of "digital signs" on which Canadian marketers can advertise just got a whole lot bigger. With the partnership of Artisan Live , North America's premier full-service digital sign developer and MyThum Interactive , Canada's leading mobile media company, advertisers can now interact with consumers over retail and out of home level screens, inviting them to interact via cell phone.

"The next generation of in-store merchandising has arrived," explained
Artisan Live Marketing Manager, Kris Matheson.

By combining the capabilities of MyThum and Markham, Ont.-based digital sign developer Artisan Live and applying them to 6,305 digital signs across Canada. "So if I'm shopping in a store or a mall, or at a restaurant or bar, I can see a very explicit message onscreen, text in and get the coupon or a bar code for a discount on my cellphone and redeem it by simply walking up to a counter."

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