Monday, October 02, 2006

MyClick Connects Physical World

Add MyClick to the physical world connection list .

"MyClick", a ground breaking and unique Mobile Media Platform that empowers the mobile user with the choice to possess exciting and exclusive infotainment and m-commerce upon demand.

They just recently launched their platform in China

"MyClick" software (which support GPRS or 3G), the user can access immediate interactive content from print media, such as in newspaper, magazines, billboards at shopping malls and outdoor billboards and even tent cards, by simply taking a photo of a framed image within the advertisement.

The MyClick framed square is a square framed with 4 stars. In order to connect to the content related to the MyClick framed square, you have to shoot the entire frame with your camera.

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Anonymous said...

They have over 400 million phone users in China. This could be huge, if they have national coverage.