Wednesday, October 04, 2006

TETRAGATE A High Volume Physical World Hyperlink Application

I found this interesting. No, it doesn't involve a mobile phone that I can see yet, but it does allow scanning 2 forms of physical world hyperlinks in high volumes.

I see this being deployed in airports (RFID passports and Homeland Security database). If the biometric function can be used on its own and matched with the HS database, I would think every mall, border crossing, stadium etc would implement.

American Barcode and RFID (AB&R) is pleased to announce the creation of a new technology -- TETRAGATE -- which combines UHF RFID (radio frequency identification) technology inside an employee ID card with biometric facial recognition.

TETRAGATE recognizes people approaching from 60 feet away in a fraction of a second, reading up to 60,000 faces in a single second -- without people knowing their images are being scanned.

All assets, human or physical, can be linked into and managed by a single, formidable database that provides effective and total flexibility of configuration and integration.

Data Sheet (pdf)

The best methods of identifying people are retina scanning, fingerprinting, and face mapping, clearly methods not usually possible with large groups of people moving through entryways at once.

Using an Infinova surveillance camera and Fulcrum biometric software, TETRAGATE focuses on the challenge, providing a solution in which even a laptop, iPod, or other RFID tagged assets can be tied to a human asset to match people who are authorized to be on the property at a given time

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