Saturday, October 07, 2006

Microsoft Uses Shotcodes For Xbox Promo

Last week physical world connection player OP3 announced Coca Cola Mexico would be placing 40 million Shotcodes on Sprite bottles, and this appears as though Microsoft has adopted, or incorporated Shotcode for one of their marketing campaigns.

Both companies are targeting the right demographic.

From the Microsoft's Xbox website, it looks like Microsoft is using the physical world hyperlink , Shotcode in their monthly newsletter to promote goodies for the Xbox.

Take your best shot

Snap up mega MotoGP ‘06 goodies
Supercharge your phone by snapping the MotoGP ‘06 shotcode. Take a picture of it and your phone will automatically go to the MotoGP ‘06 site where you can pick up action packed wallpapers, screenshots and screensavers.

If it’s your first time.

Before you go off on a photo frenzy, visit with your camera phone’s web browser and you’ll be ready to grab the MotoGP ‘06 goodies. And once you’ve got this whizzy little bit of technology on your phone you can use it on any shotcode you see.

What’s a shotcode again?

It’s a circular symbol that represents a URL. If you see one on something you like, take a picture of it with your camera phone. It’ll automatically take you to the mobile internet site where you can find out more information, go shopping and get great downloads. No more typing or texting – just shoot the shotcode.

Coca Cola and now Microsoft. All you need is a couple major brands to introduce this technology for physical world connection to get adopted.

Great find from iDeaLabs


Ron said...

They are really making a leap for PWC at OP3

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in using our patented technology VERY SIMILAR to Shotcodes but allowing to receive payment (and deliver media to mobile, perform authorization etc..) by shooting the code?

Please contact