Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Physical World Hyperlinks Can Bridge The Gap

Last week Sprite announced they would be putting ShotCodes(physical world hyperlinks) on 40 million bottles. I suggested this was a very good thing for the physical world connection. The faster people see consumer products with camera phone codes to scan, the quicker PWC gets adopted.

PWC companies should let individuals create their own codes and link to whatever/wherever, just to get as many in market as quickly as possible.

At this point, all PWC players should be happy a major brand like Coca Cola will be doing some heavy lifting for this emerging industry.

Slicecast discusses an article by the NPD Group that shows an enormous mobile technology gap between Japan and the US.

The data shows that just 12% of US mobile subscribers have used their phones for web browsing, whereas in Japan that figure stands at 76%.

It is for this reason, and this reason alone that brands who want to explore the mobile channel - and test solutions / marketing ideas - should look to Asia.

With over 27% of Japanese using barcode readers regularly and 26% using GPS there is huge potential for innovative marketers to leverage on this phenomenon.

Agencies such as OgilvyOne are already making use of barcode technology in their Japanese campaigns, and we can expect to see much more of this in the future.

To those outside of Japan talk of barcode readers may draw blank faces, which makes sense - these technologies are integrated into handset software and are becoming ubiquitous, whereas in other markets we can download the software to the phone - but without an application to scan, whats the point?!

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Anonymous said...

I do a self-checkout at Albertson's all the time, for well over 2 years now. There used to be NO waiting in line. Now it's similar to standing in line waiting for a live checker. If Carriers/Handset Mfgs. would put a reliable 1D barcode reader on a camera phone here in the US, I guarantee you, just watch people scan these UPC codes to their heart's content IF THEY CONNECT TO SOME DESIRABLE CONTENT like ingredients, coupons, recipes or almost anything. That is one code that EVERYONE in the US is familiar with. And if the code reader can also read those 2D codes you're fond of, then that would be all the better, eh?