Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tag Mobile Service Launched In Philippines

What is not said in this release, is that the Philippines has the highest data rate usage of mobile phone users. Scan a barcode and connect to the Internet.

This platform for this service is being offered by a US physical world connection company. I spoke to them at length about this campaign. It is starting with 10 magazines, 1 national newspaper and a host of other outlets.

From Mobile Philippines, one of the largest mobile magazines in the country, Mobile This!

This barcode is part of a service known worldwide as TMS or Tag Mobile Service. And now, it is here in the Philippines, making its debut in Mobile Pilipinas 2006, the country’s biggest wireless tech expo.

In one sentence, TMS is a convenient way to download any form of multimedia into your mobile by turning your phone’s camera into a barcode scanner.

Welcome to the next generation of content distribution in the Philippines! In the “old days” we used to grab content (quotes, movie schedules, breaking news, ringtones, movie clips) by texting a few characters to an odd number combination (text “imhandsome” to 5555).

This is well and good, but it is time to take advantage of a much more convenient piece of technology that allows you to really make your mobile phone an extension of your personal life.

In fact, if you have your cameraphone right now, you can point your browsers to the TMS Philippine Embassy website and download the java applet for your phone.

If your phone is not listed, try downloading the app closest to your phone model. You can also choose to download the app directly to your phone by going to on your phone’s browser. Then, try launching the application and take a picture of the Mobile This! tag on this site and see what happens!

As of the moment, shooting a TMS tag to access data is FREE for 2006. Standard GPRS, 3G and WiFi rates apply.

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