Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Scanbuy Recognized As A Web 2.0 Company

One of the physical world connection companies, Scanbuy , is being recognized as a player for the "2.0 World".

I like to refer to "2.0 World" as Phase 2

From Longworth's blog Where the action is in IT

Longworth's Annual Conference was held last week at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA. Over 150 professionals from the entrepreneur and venture community attended to discuss the latest trends in information technology.

There was plenty discussion about how Web 2.0 concepts will be used in the enterprise and very interesting speculation about what will be the "Enterprise 2.0 Killer App".

The Conference also featured presentations from Sermo and Scanbuy , two very interesting Longworth portfolio companies that clearly fit the model for success in a "2.0 world".

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