Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Google's Deep Nishar Speaks About Mobile

From CNet Google's ambitions going mobile

With nearly 3 billion mobile phone subscribers in the world expected by the end of 2007, Google sees great potential for extending its presence throughout the world using the mobile platform, said Deep Nishar, director of product management for Google.

When you're on your mobile device and you type in the keyword "movie," you're likely searching for a movie theater because you want to go see a movie.

the next step is to interact with advanced cell phone technology, like Global Positioning Systems or GPS, so that the device knows where you are.

In my opinion, location coordinates will be the new keywords for mobile.

The word pizza or movie will have more value (foot and web traffic) with a NYC coordinate, and Google should be able to charge accordingly.

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Peter J. Cranstone said...

The trick is for Google to get real time GPS location information and then respond accordingly with an incentive like a coupon to close the marketing loop.