Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Deal Or No Deal, What's The Deal?

Is anyone watching this over-hyped game show by NBC called Deal Or No Deal? It's basically Monty Hall's Let's Make A Deal, but the contestants don't have to embarass themselves by wearing costumes. Their actions do it instead.

There is no intellect required, just luck and greed.

The show has added a text to win contest. Text the suitcase number you think has the $10k in it, and see if you win (.49 for every text). Pretty brainless, and lacks creativity like the show. There are SO MANY other interesting mobile marketing ideas they could have used for this show.
Pam Anderson
The show doesn't have any substance, so why should their mobile marketing campaign.

On the informative side of mobile marketing, I just received a text message from FOXTV letting me know what tonight's Stacked show (starring Pamela Anderson) was about, and the time it would be on.

Yes, permission granted.

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Anonymous said...

I made almost the exact same comments about the show as I watched it for 10 minutes the other nite. It's a show about greed and as you point out, unimaginative. The ONLY intellectual part is you need to be able to comprehend what your odds of hitting the million bucks is in relation to what the banker is offering. It's a "pot odds" calculation, but most on the show don't understand that and rely on luck totally. Have a great holiday!