Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mobile PC Anywhere From 4INFO

4INFO, one of the companies that is doing everything right, will be introducing an exciting new mobile application. Just last week they announced that Nokia was including their app in their mobile search and service providers would be embedding in early 06.

From ABC News A pipeline between your PC and your phone

Ever wish you could build a pipeline between your PC and your phone? You could funnel all sorts of things, not just e-mail, but news updates, search capabilities, and more to your cell. Mobile search directory 4INFO wants to make that a reality with its new concepts for mobile access

The Palo Alto, California–based firm is developing its own specialized client for mobile content. The concept isn't so much about creating new content as it is about refining access to this information.

The new client will let you group all your favorite mobile content providers into one feed that you can modify via your PC and browse or query remotely. Your preferences are saved in a 4INFO account, also known as your Digital Locker.

"What we're trying to do is become an interface between mobile users and the digital world," says Zaw Thet, 4INFO's VP of marketing and product strategy.

To see what you can do w/ 4INFO's engine, just type in your query (stock quote, yellow page listing, sports scores, movie times, flight times, price lookup and many more) in the 4INFO search box on the right hand side of The Pondering Primate. You'll love the speed and results.

Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I like what 4INFO offers...try texting 'pizza' followed by your "zip code"....neat! Question: What do you think is/will be 4INFO's game plan for generating ad revenues?

Anonymous said...

Just want to ask something,

Saw the 4Info search box pic on side bar but no hyperlink. R u advertising for 4Info officially, or just something u want to mention. Side bar picture makes it advertisement (and no link ?)

Scott Shaffer said...

Stay tuned .

I have plenty of ideas how they can make this a killer app for mobile.

Larry said...

Wow Just typed in a couple of things in the box and my zip code and my company came up first on the list. That is to cool
Thanks for the find PP

Scott Shaffer said...

Play with the service on your mobile phone too.

You will see why they are getting the press AND the service provider attention.

Glad you like.

Xen Dolev said...

I wonder how would this new application refine the access to the PC from the mobile?
On how many Nokia models will the client be embedded?

Scott Shaffer said...

The co said "details to follow".