Friday, December 02, 2005

The World Could Be Yours Amazon

think outside the box
As I constantly come up with mobile marketing ideas that involve the physical world connection, it occurs to me what the adoption problem is.

The companies that have this ability, are not "painting" the proper picture to the companies that can benefit the most.

Remember I said, you don't need a service provider to implement this.

From my idea notebook, page 41, here's just one example of how this gets implemented.

Scanbuy is making the news lately with this ability, so let's use them as an example. We will use Amazon as a company that could benefit from this. Keep this in mind, I have numerous examples of companies and industries that could benefit, but I'm just using these 2 for an example.

If I'm Scanbuy, I would call Jeff Bezos up at Amazon, the largest ecommerce company, and make a proposal. Jeff I can turn every physical object in the World **** **, are you interested?

"Amazon, offer 20% off(or whatever is agreeable) on **** **** if you ******* ****** ****** ** ***** ****** your mobile phone. Any time **** ******* by scanning a barcode or typing in the barcode number, ****** *** ** *******.

What this does is **** **** for enormous **** and at the same time it **** your *** ***.

People with this application on their phone *********. Your $$$$$ is a huge plus for m-commerce, and you have the $$$ $$$ $$, so just ***** *** that with this application. ***** *** *** ***** and Amazon does the rest.

*** *** to get this application on the phone even quicker.

Include ****** ** *** for the ** *** just to ***** *** ******

Implement a ****** ** ***** program. For every person *** ** *, give ** ***. Every ** ***** ** this barcode scanning application, ** *** **** ****.

This would be an incredible viral campaign.

You didn't think I would give it away that easy did you?

My notebook has the answers


Anonymous said...

Why not PaperClick? Why always ScamBuy? NEOM has the goods..I agree, they need the push. Viral Adv. works, especially when the $ case can easily be made.
And didn't NEOM CEO say this past year "they are not dependent upon SP's"??...

Anonymous said...

Fill in the blanks. Yup!

In a sense I see you as a muralist. Your Kaleidoscopic mind
has "painted" (not the political,
nor social) pictures, but the
pictures that go to the

In other words, the "new order of the ages", as they pertain to the
developing mobile space. I can only wonder the depth of your
notebook, and, if any corporation
has complemented your "muralisms"
into their long term strategies.
Enjoy your cogent "paintings".

Roy Sintenie said...
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Roy Sintenie said...

Hi P.P.
I totaly agree with your strategy for tools like scanbuy. Where I mentioned this strategy as a comment on your posting of 23/11/2005:
concerning: tools like scanbuy

Hi P.P.,

actually someone can be profiting from this and that's e.g. amazon. So they could sell it to amazon as an amazing amazon tool. There will be some tension because of this between the physical retailer and the online retailer, but I don't think this use of a barcode scanning/price tool will be big business in the long term. Why? This tool can and will only be used by consumers for a view items such as books/dvd's (impulsive acquisition and tools like scanbuy takes them of an impuslive acquistion if the price is right/worth it) long as the items mentioned are sold in physical stores.

For other items such as TV's, computers (normally not an impulsive acquisition) consumers are using review/price compare sites on a computer at home.

Maybe someone is busy developing something that can be of a better use for both consumers and retailers ;-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Dec. 2, 2:09 pm. I confess to be one of the anonymous commentators who you referred to who has occasionally replied to Vangorilla's blogs about NEOM. I have no relationship with Vangorilla but thoroughly enjoy his blogs and certainly am not paid by anyone - I am an attorney by trade in the secured lending field. My posts are genuine and I am a shareholder in NEOM, along with many other companies, big and small. I think NEOM has a bright future and why you have a right to question Vangorilla about comments, he has no control over who posts except perhaps to delete offensive posts. My own responses about NEOM have been some somewhat general, but that is ONLY because I do not have a technical background and can only be general about an area I am not experienced in. This is a complicated evolving area. I hope this satisfies your curiousity about some of the NEOM posts. P.S. I sign as anonymous because I am not signed up on this site with a username and password (in the same manner that you signed on as anonymous). By the way, what's your agenda here. There are numerous companies mentioned on this site. Why does a mention of NEOM bother you.