Thursday, December 22, 2005

Caffeine Finder GPS

Wow, what a great idea. It's pretty limited by just offering coffee retailers and restaurants, but I can see private label opportunities in a big way with this mobile marketing application.

Caffeine Finder GPS is the first mobile application which leads you to your next cup of joe.

Caffeine Finder GPS points you to the closest restaurant or café for a great cup of coffee. Find every major café or restaurant across the country from over 45,000 locations.

Once you find where you want to go, ask Coffee Finder GPS for a map, a review, and the address, all right from your phone or PDA. And if you use Nextel, you can take advantage of the automatic GPS location functions built right into the phone.

Take this out a few steps, and see what Yellow Pages could do with this?


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Google mobile search already do this ??

Scott Shaffer said...

Yes...I havent had the fortune of using it because I have a Treo. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Google doesn't give you reviews. Only diff I think.