Friday, December 09, 2005

Mobile Marketing To Be Bigger Than TV?

If you don't have a mobile marketing plan in place, you better start soon. With TiVo like devices becoming common, advertisers better find a way to reach the "other" 2b devices.

James from MocoNews spotted a great quote from a Coca Cola marketing manager.

“Mobile marketing could be phenomenally important, when you look at the penetration of handsets and the passion the audience has for mobile,” said Coca-Cola marketing manager James Eadie. “As a way of connection, it ought to be phenomenally powerful and more important than TV. So we should be spending 50% of our marketing budget within decades.”

At the moment it’s SMS campaigns, but that will change to richer-media MMS campaigns next year and probably take off from there. As mobile marketing increases it will move beyond the text/response format, and that should provide opportunity for content providers…

Coke is already executing this, what is your mobile marketing strategy? You're going to have to get permission to advertise. Do you know how?

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