Sunday, December 04, 2005

Google Publication Ads Needs Creativity

Google needs a unique type of physical world hyperlink for their Publication business to take off. Do you see how?

You can't click on piece of paper, or can you?

BusinessWeek article Can Google go glossy? discusses Google's rocky entrance into the print advertising space.

Only one of 10 advertisers interviewed by BusinessWeek said their print ad performed well enough to recoup the money it cost. They could get that number up to a 9 or 10 if they offered this.

If most marketers are reluctant to re-up, despite Google and the magazines forgoing profits, can this endeavor become a moneymaker for all the parties involved?
YES, this could be huge for Google if they use a little creativity.

By selling bite-size chunks of these ad pages, it hopes to draw in thousands of marketers who otherwise couldn't afford magazine ads. Just by making it cheaper doesn't make it better, this needs something else for it to work. That something else could make this an enormous revenue generator for Google.

"The whole power of the Web is to bring targeted visitors to your site," says Jennifer Blackhurst, co-founder of TrimYourDebt. "The print ad hasn't done this, so it didn't justify the cost." How can you do that?

There are three ways Google can generate revenues with service. Do you see how?

I would love to be in charge of this project, the applications are endless.


Anonymous said...

Go with Mobot....

Anonymous said...

Should I assume by drinking absolute :)

Scott Shaffer said...


Anonymous said...

or Neven Vision...

Scott Shaffer said...

You're thinking too technical. There is a way that Google could dominate print advertising. It doesn't involve a camera phone.

Any phone can do it. Will Google see it? Will 4INFO see it?