Monday, December 19, 2005

Attention All Cell Phone Shoppers

Don't think advertisers and brands aren't finding a way to utilize this application and many more for mobile marketing.

From Mercury News Merchandise information to cell phone

Several companies are experimenting with better ways to send merchandise information to mobile phones, and they aim to transform the devices into personal shopping assistants.

San Francisco's WideRay has placed kiosks in selected music stores, video game stores and theaters across the country and in Europe. When customers come within 25 feet of the kiosks, they receive a message on their cell phones asking if they're interested in getting more information about various items the store is selling, perhaps music, ring tones, videos or games. If customers are interested, they can go to the kiosk and choose what to download.

The messages and downloads reach customers' cell phones over radio waves using a technology known as Bluetooth, which is more commonly used for wireless headsets.

Another feature coming to cell phones could solve a common pet peeve for shoppers: finding price or other information on an item when there are no sales people in sight .


Anonymous said...

so now I have to remember to turn of my bluetooth before I enter the store. great.

Xen Dolev said...

Advertisers have tried also to send advertisements through operators’ local based services. This way, operators locate users who answer specific criteria and are nearby the advertising business, and inform them about a sale through SMS.
This service hasn’t gotten a huge success in selling numbers because people find it very intrusive and pushy. People just don’t want to get a notice of a sale within range on every walk on the street.

Scott Shaffer said...

Here's a million dollar idea.

Create a portal that allows people to "opt in" to certain advertisers.

I will let Nike, Corona, Eddie Bauer etc solicit me when I'm near a store.
The more preferences you provide (Nike Tennis, Golf etc) the more effective the solicitation.