Monday, December 12, 2005

Nextcode Launches Barcode Reading ConnexTo

We are seeing more companies start to offer barcode and 2d scanning applications for the camera phone. The physical world connection and mobile marketing will soon merge.
Nextcode launches Connex for camera phones

Nextcode Corporation a leader in optical barcode solutions for camera phones, today announced the launching of ConnexTo(tm). ConnexTo allows camera phone users to create and read 2D barcodes that open a broad range of mobile services.

ConnexTo , with their "mCode", allows consumers to do much more with their phones by removing the need to key in information or navigate through menus.

ConnexTo provides codes for WAP addresses, SMS messages, contact information, and auto-dial phone numbers


Anonymous said...

classic catch-22.

merchants wont sign up unless lot of usage.

but why would I (consumer) sign up and download program (if I have the right phone) before relevant merchant excepts

No Name said...

I agree. You always have early adopters than can see what the future holds.

It is those people/companies that will consider this app as an investment that WILL bring significant returns.

This isn't rocket science, there are many ways to implement this physical world connection application.

The problem is the companies that have this technology, dont know how to create a viral campaign for massive adoption.

Want to know what I would do?

Anonymous said...

This application seems on the right track but with one big 'wrong"
They are trying to force a unique ID system/code - I think this is a huge limitation - the best code is the one that is already in use, and is pervasive - the barcode on every item already..doesn't have to be created and assigned.
Nice try, but wrong code.

No Name said...

The journey of a thousand clicks begins with the first code.

You're right, a univeral identifier will offer a lot more opportunities.

But think of the private label applications that could used TODAY with this technology.

You might want to take a picture of a barcode today with your mobile phone. Let me know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I tried it with my nokia 6230. bag of fritos. the barcode came out so-so. not sure how good is needed. the numbers under the barcode were quite readable - 28400 04009.

No Name said...

You're missing 2 digits.

Most camphones can't read a barcode, yet. But you can type the number in.