Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Tipping Point For China Tech

I thought this story would get more attention. This should be a serious wake-up call to many US Corporations.

China now world's largest tech supplier

China, whose technology trade has grown almost 38% a year since 1996, and has overtaken the US as the top supplier of ICT products.

China overtook the United States as the world's biggest supplier of information and communications technology products last year, according to a report released on Monday.

China exported US$180 billion worth of information and communications technology last year. The US exported US$149 billion. In 2003, US exports totaled US$137 billion and China's exports totaled US$123 billion


Anonymous said...


I don't think U.S. corporations will be waking up any time soon. They only look at the bottom line. Heck, why not pay someone else 30-40% less to do the same work. Code is code. U.S. corporations aren't afraid of China and India -- and they should be. We are training them, at a discounted rate, to come up to speed with our technology. In their hearts, they don't think they will ever be able to overtake them, begin to develop and lead the market.

Bad assumption. Being in the telecommunications sector, I've experienced this first hand. Whole projects are being shipped overseas because it helps the bottom line today. After enough of their technology workers are up to speed, China and India will have the critical mass to lead the market in whatever direction they choose.

It's like that classic Twilight Zone episode where aliens came to help us. They walked around with a book that said "To Serve Man." Everyone thought it contained things to help us solve all our problems. Unfortunately, it was a cook book and we were the ingredients for their feast.


No Name said...

A great read for the big picture is Thomas Friedman's The World Is Falt.

A must read.