Friday, December 09, 2005

Mobile Marketing Gives It Up

In order to get permission for a mobile marketing campaign, the advertiser MUST give something to the cell phone user. It's that simple.

Brands need to give a coupon, information, or a service in order to get on that phone. I have outlined numerous examples how this will be done.

From Online Media Ad clutter mounts on cell phones

From a Ball State University study.

The recent study also found that about one-third of those who received mobile ads found them annoying.

Most students--51 percent--said they don't want ads on their cell phones, but others indicated that they could be persuaded to accept marketing messages. Twenty-nine percent said they would consider agreeing to ads in exchange for something free--like ringtones, extra minutes, upgrades, or access to the Web.

In a sign that coupons or other discounts might be a good use of mobile marketing efforts, two-thirds of respondents said that cash might make them more favorably disposed toward the ads

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