Thursday, July 06, 2006

Barcodepedia Does Physical World Connection

Have a webcam and want to see Physical World Connection in action?

Slashdot explains how Barcodepedia, the Social Network Barcode works.

"Barcodepedia is a community-based online barcode database, where everybody can contribute whichever barcodes they have lying around on their crowded desks simply by holding it in front of your webcam. The database is completely free to use, and everyone is invited to participate.

(The webcam resolves the barcode).

The site should be available in French, Russian, German and Swedish within a week, so get all your friends and go to your local store with a laptop for massive fun. Donations of cuecats and other specialized scanners are welcomed.

Physical World Connection is coming. Let the "early adopters" play with Barcodepedia and decide what applications/services will be of value with a camera phone.

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Anonymous said...

There are other sites providing a similar service like

But, yes the webcam barcode scanning is a cool feature to add to a website.