Friday, July 21, 2006

MediaSeek Introduces Barcode Reader For Camera Phones

From JCN Network Mediaseek intros camera phone barcode reader

MediaSeek has introduce barcode decoder software NW-7 Reader for camera phones. The NW-7 is a barcode used for applications including parcel delivery, library card and membership card management, and blood management for blood banks.

Since camera phones are portable, they enable users to use them for other applications including tracing products and accessing campaign sites without having to enter URLs.

MediaSeek holds the largest share in the mobile phone barcode decoder market.
With "CamReader" technology, MEDIASEEK provides a special decoding engine designed for small cellular handset, which reads both single (1D) and multi-dimensional (2D) barcode captured by electronic camera module implanted into the cellular handset.

The decoding engine has been installed as default application into more than 50% of cellular handsets shipped in Japanese market with software-driven implanted optic module as digital camera or video functions

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