Thursday, July 13, 2006

Government Implements Physical World Connection For Drugs

The Government is actually expediting Physical World Connection.

This isn't scanning a barcode, it is scanning various types of RFID tags and connecting through the Internet. This is also referred to as the "Internet of Things".

From GovExec Wireless tracking technology interests senators

Senators are becoming increasingly interested in a technology that can track everything from prescription drugs to aircraft parts.

Scientists call the technology a step above bar codes because it can identify an individual product.

While the recent FDA barcode mandate will used to identify drugs, a key issue is drugs are being sold as counterfeits

Congress has pending legislation to require RFID devices on bottles of the 30 most counterfeited drugs. Pfizer is already using RFID for Viagra.

Could this be the ideal solution for the pharmaceutical industry?

Did you know that this chip can be scanned using a mobile phone too?

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