Thursday, July 13, 2006

BlackBerry Becomes A SmartPhone

From Gadgetell BlackBerry to get Wi-Fi, camera, GPS and more

RIM announced that the Blackberry will beef up on features in the coming months–presumably to combat the strong competition from the Treo 700w, 700p, Motorola Q, and other recent smartphones.

By the end of this year we should see the addition of Wi-Fi, a still camera, a video camera, memory expansion slots, GPS, and MP3 playback.

Balsillie said that one area that was starting to grow quickly was the market for BlackBerry peripherals. He said these included printers, bar-code scanners, RFID (radio-frequency identification) scanners.

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Dean Collins said...

Treo has had SD peripherals since the Treo 600 3 years ago now.

Wifi, bluetooth, GPS, ect etc have all been available options (heck even the Treo Visor Prisim had a camera module option in Q3 - 2000)

Blackberry is a US anomaly that apart from lazy IT departments has been and gone.

Their one strength was the email synchronisation capability which has been surpassed in functionality and ease of use by windows mobile without the need for a specialised 'blackberry' server.

With the additional 3rd party MS mobile OS applications not available on blackberry they are on a slow downward spiral where pretty much everyone else has already left the party.