Monday, July 03, 2006

Visual Magic A Physical World Connection Player

Add Visual Magic and their unique machine readable identifier to the the PWC list .

From The Daily Star Latest Dot pattern tech offers marketing opportunities

Dot patterns, which can be presented in a very small place and in the form of very tiny dots, can possibly be printed on graphic materials without hampering the original beauty of the content, and by distributing the same pattern repeatedly over a graphical object.

The original decimal number can be retrieved by capturing the image from any portion of that printed graphic, and by analysing that captured image for the arrangement of the dots it is carrying.

"This patented technology, which is very much invisible to the naked eye, will certainly pose as a replacement for the barcode or a micro-barcode printed on a consumer product, a catalogue, an article where a cellular phone camera or a barcode scanner is used to retrieve data, such as price tags, product information, or even proof of authenticity presented within that code," Zaman said.

Considering all these data possibilities, and since each dot pattern is unique, the security characteristics presented by the pattern remains uniquely high," stated Zaman on prospects of dot pattern usage on passports or documents with such integrity


Anonymous said...

It's an interesting idea, but, among other things, it requires that a special printing process be used, and special infrared inks.

The deep problem with getting the PWC thing going is to simplify all aspects of the application so that the minimum number of things already in place have to be in any way altered. Making the printing more difficult is just one more major hurdle.

And this doesn't even get into the problem of having, presumably, to introduce a good infrared filter into the camera phone sensor.

Scott Shaffer said...

This is just showing that there are other ways to link the physical world to the electronic one, that don't include the typical 1d or 2d code.

I think the "ease of use" has to be geared to the consumer to get PWC started, after PWC does get adopted, there will be many options.

Anonymous said...

This is not a practical solution. First it will NOT work with standard camera phones and standard printing. This idea has been widely promoted by other firms but it really needs a flatbed scanner or special camera. Further how is the consumer to know that an image is active?

Scott Shaffer said...

Did you ever think about the non-consumer applications this might be used for though? ie authentication?

Ron said...

Scott, At first I though "do we need another" PWC? Now I see the killer app in authentication, now think about patterns on for example Levi's Jeans and Prada Bags

Scott Shaffer said...

Those are high volume situations.

Think about verifying one-of-a-kind items too.

There is a unique PWH that I have seen in action that the major brands are eager to use.

It represents an enormous ARPU opportunity for the carriers.

I will post this multi-billion dollar PWH as soon as it becomes public.