Friday, July 14, 2006

Putting The "Eye" In The Internet

No mo Jane Doe.

Just in case you happen to leave your fingerprints at home, Xvista uses your iris as a physical world hyperlink for identification.

Remember a fingerprint and an iris are just a couple examples of a physical world hyperlink

From GizModo Xvista Portable Iris Scanner

Xvista has been hard at work improving iris scanning technology, having just developed the UK's first portable iris scanner.

Small enough to be fitted inside a cellphone, xvista's technology could conceivably be integrated into heavily trafficked areas, such as airports.

The iris data is captured and processed by a unique algorithm designed specifically to operate on low power computing devices such as a camera equipped mobile phone

Since iris scanning technology is quite accurate, with the odds of two irises matching being less than 1 in 7 billion, expect to see this technology make more inroads as time marches on.

The iris is a machine readabale identifier.


Dean Collins said...

hmmm, I'd really like to see an actual demonstration of that technology rather than a press release, as much as I'm sure they are workign on it I dont see processing power/physical image scan quality, actually working at all.

if it did you would only need to scan off against a single image and then do real time code creation capability to use for password access etc.

if anyone has more info about this company and real world use I'd like to hear about it.


R said...

Dean, I agree with you. I have experienced the trouble with focus points of camera phones being rather far away being difficult for scanning capabilities.

Seeing is believing I guess.