Monday, July 10, 2006

GenTag Is A Next Generation Physical World Connection Player

Add Gentag and their ability to read and RFID tag to the Physical World Connection list

When the physical world starts creating it's own mesh network via RFID tags, the Physcial World Connection opportunities will grow exponentially.

There's a reason the RFID tag is being called a "barcode on steroids".

Gentag, Inc., a Washington, DC-based IP development firm, has designed, patented, and successfully tested an ultra-linear, low-power single-calibration temperature-sensor circuit that can be directly integrated on any chip for either the Gen 2 UHF or the 13.56 MHz global RFID markets.

In combination with Gentag's approved patent for using cell phones as readers for RFID-sensors (US 2005/0088299 A1), this technology provides a novel, low-cost solution for wireless temperature monitoring and opens the way for the wide deployment and implementation of low-cost passive RFID sensor tags, RFID sensor networks, and a wide range of consumer and industrial applications

Areas of key intellectual property include:

RFID Reader-Enabled Cell Phones
Passive RFID Sensors
Smart Skin Patch Technologies
Sensor Networks
Homeland Security Cell Phones
Non-GPS Geolocation

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