Friday, July 21, 2006

Tessera Acquires Digital Optics

From Photonics Tessera completes Digital Optics acquisition

Tessera Technologies Inc. of San Jose, Calif., announced this week it has completed the acquisition of Digital Optics Corp. for $59.5 million in cash for all outstanding Digital Optics equity.

Tessera Technologies, through its subsidiaries Tessera Inc. and Tessera Israel, is a provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry.

Digital Optics was launched 15 years ago by a University of North Carolina (UNC) Charlotte team of experts in micro-optics led by UNC Charlotte faculty member Michael Feldman.

It provides miniaturization technology for camera-phone manufacturers and others in the electronics industry,technology is used in semiconductor optics, communications and photonics.

Micro-optics, which use microscopic structures to shape and influence light, are used in bar code-scanning and semiconductor manufacturing.

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