Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hitachi And KDDI Connect Physical World With RFID And Mobile

A Muchip is a physical world hyperlink .

From JCN Network KDDI, Hitachi launch RFID tag reader for mobile phones

Tokyo, Sept 27, 2006 (JCN) - KDDI Corporation, in collaboration Hitachi Ltd., launched the Muchip Reader, with the world's smallest sized muchip RFID tag, for use in Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.

Simply by holding the mobile up to it, the Muchip Reader reads off information, which is then sent to the mobile phone using Bluetooth technology.

Each muchip can store up to 38 digits by the decimal number system, including a tracking system, which records not only the information, but where the information was extracted from. Since it is compact in size, it can be used anywhere, even in places without LAN network infrastructure.

Production of Muchip Reader, which is priced at 84,000 yen, is slated to begin on October 2. KDDI and Hitachi will continue to work together in providing a wide array of solutions in traceability and product management for various industry services.

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me if this U-chip could be used to identify or authenticate a product it would go along way toward solving the current "IS IT A REAL PURSE" dispute between Target and Coach.
I can see muliple uses.