Friday, March 24, 2006

Google Files Patent For LBS Ads

How will this affect the mobile marketing side. What happens when the majority of mobile phones are Wi-Fi enabled? What impact will this have on location based intellectual property utilizing GPS?

From ClickZ Google seeks patent for targeting ads on Wi-Fi hotspots

Google engineers have applied for a patent on a way to target ads based on the location of the wireless access point to which a user connects, among other factors.

It sounds like it relates to the "pull" form of location based advertising, where the user initiates the interaction.

"Push" is when an ad is delivered to you when you enter a specific location.

It describes a method by which an end user accessing the Internet via a wireless access point (WAP) would be served advertisements based on factors such as the geographic location of the WAP, a behavioral profile of users of the WAP, the vertical market served by the WAP's owner, or other predetermined criteria.

Location-based search, especially for mobile users, has broad implications for content providers and advertisers.

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Anonymous said...

I opined exactly this use recently when pointing out Google's plans to provide free WiFi coverage in Mt. View, CA (where it's HQ'd)...thank you very much.