Friday, June 30, 2006

Jessica Simpson Does Text Messaging

Most of the mobile marketing campaigns I am seeing are all "pull" with very little "push" opportunities after the initiation. The key to sucessful mobile marketing will be to tie in relevant content with an advertiser. In this case, the advertiser (Jessica Simpson) has various forms of content.

Think MTV, iTunes, American Idol and even her own cosmetic line and blog could produce some great follow-up "push" mobile campaigns from this?

The McDonalds and Cokes etc are having to include outside "content" (movies, games) in order to keep the interaction with the consumer.

Mobile marketing powerhouse Ipsh! is behind the mobile campaign for Jessica Simpson and her new album.

Epic Records launched a mobile campaign for Jessica Simpson's fifth album, "A Public Affair." Ipsh! is behind the effort, which will see posters plastered up in multiple cities with copy inviting people to text "Jess" to the short code 33992.

A reply SMS includes a phone number recipients can dial to hear the album's title track single, plus instructions for downloading the ringtone and getting Jessica Simpson alerts.

In very exciting New York news, fifteen stories high in Times Square, scenes from Jessica Simpson's video will grace the nine screens comprising the Reuters sign at different times on Tuesday morning and afternoon, along with the message text "Jess" to the code 33992 for a listen to the new song.

If I was a mobile marketing company and wanted to get on the mobile map quickly here's what I would do.

Contact this company and give their CEO some creative mobile ideas for their numerous products and massive client list.


Rich Lazzara said...

I tried this and here is the sms I get back
"Dial 858-433-2883 or press TALK to listen to 'A Public Affair'; Rply 'TONE' 2 buy the ringtone; Rply 'JOIN' 4 Jessica updates.Other Rates Apply"

Why would I want to send a dial a 5 digit number only to be given a 10 digit number to call. I mean why not post the phone #? Also why isnt it an 800#? If they are going to do it this way then as least offer something free for calling other than listening to a song which is available all over the net for free. I dont see the mobile marketing powerhouse in this at all.

Dean Collins said...

Yep, it's dumb.

Want to do it right? Contact us at and ask us about vxml.

Basically that audio should be streamed back to the handset automatically.....10 digit numbers....I dont think Jessica could remember 10 digits.