Sunday, June 03, 2007

Network World Partners With Nextcode's ConnexTo For Mobile Barcodes In Publications

This a very strategic win for Nextcode.ConnexTo

Nextcode's mobile codes, which are designed specifically for mobile phones, will appear in a recurring publication offering familiarity and a greater chance of adoption.

Second, these codes will be presented to an audience that are considered "early adopters". These are the people most likely to test and adopt a new technology.

ConnexTo's 2d barcodes look different, and perform a lot better, than most mobile barcodes.
I think proprietary codes like mcodes, have a great chance of adoption because consumers will be able to recognize the distinct code and WILL KNOW what functions/applications are associated with them. O

Network World has partnered with Nextcode and is adding ConnexTo 2d barcodes to their weekly magazine. Using your camera phone, just scan a code and get IT news delivered right to your phone. Want to add a comment to a story, just scan a code and be connected to their mobile site.

No need to type in lengthy URLS, just scan a ConnexTo code.

Network World Code Scanning Through Your Cell Phone

"We are starting with a single code (picture) on our table of contents that, when photographed, will deliver IT news headlines right to your phone. As code scanning becomes more popular we plan on creating a more immersive mobile online experience, such as being able to post a comment on an article through your phone or read other readers' comments. Want to know more about what you just read in the magazine? Then select related articles and read that article now or save it for online reading later. We’d love to hear from you "

More on Nextcode's mCodes

What is mCode™? How is it different from existing barcodes?

A: mCode is a new 2D barcode designed specifically for mobile phones and mobile services. The mCode technology works faster,its more reliable, can do more and carry more data content than traditional barcodes. mCodes are easy to create, using the code creation pages on the ConnexTo site.

Want to get the ConnextTo reader?

To load the ConnexTo Code Reader on your phone use your WAP browser on your phone to go to Click the download link, the correct version of the reader will be downloaded onto your phone.

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